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Notes Toward A Supreme Nonfiction
Teaching Literary Reportage in the Twenty-first Century

Literary Journalism Studies. Fall 2013

The New New Journalism, circa 2011

Byliner, September 11, 2011

A Blessing and a Burden
Review of Gerald M. Boyd’s “My Times in Black and White"

The New York Times Book Review, February 21, 2010

Checkbook Journalism Revisited

The Columbia Journalism Review, Jan/Feb 2008

People's Power vs. Nuclear Power
A conversation with Jonathan Schell

Daedalus, Winter 2007

The Plot Against Equality
A review of The Trouble With Diversity: How We Learned to Love Identity and Ignore Inequality, by Walter Benn Michaels

The Nation, December 25, 2006

Boomer Bust
Eric Lott Critiques The Passing of Identity Politics

Bookforum, Summer 2006

Gay Talese: A Work in Progress

The Columbia Journalism Review, May/June 2006

Attack of the Career-Killing Blogs
When academics post online, do they risk their jobs?

Slate, November 16, 2005

Francis Fukuyama: The Neocon Who Isn't

The American Prospect, October 2005

The Roots of the New New Journalism

The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 4, 2005

Righting Copyright: Fair Use and Digital Environmentalism

Bookforum, February/March, 2005

Whatever happened to New Journalism?

The Los Angeles Times, January 23, 2005

A Review of Mark Bowden’s “Road Work”

The New York Times Book Review, November 7, 2004

F for Effort
Brown v. Board of Education, a Failure at Fifty?

Bookforum, October/November 2004

How to Make a Guerrilla Documentary

The New York Times Magazine, July 11, 2004

The Tyranny of Copyright?

The New York Times Magazine, January 25, 2004

A review of Amitai Etzioni's "My Brother's Keeper"
The Everything Expert

The Nation, July 14, 2003

Dialogue between Kwame Anthony Appiah & Robert S. Boynton: On philosophy, race, sex & etc.

Daedalus, Summer 2003

A Review of "By The Sword"
The Vorpal Blade

The New York Times Book Review, March 2, 2003

A Review of Deirdre Bair's "Jung: A Biography"

The New York Times Book Review, January 11, 2003

The Return of the Repressed: Psychoanalysis’s Fallen Angel

Boston Review, January 2003

The Interpretation of Khan

The Boston Globe, December 15, 2002

Le retour du refoulé
L’étrange cas de Masud Khan

Boston Review, December 2002/January 2003

A Review of "Teacher," by Mark Edmundson

LA Times Book Review, August 4, 2002

“But Is it True?” A review of “People's Witness: The Journalist in Modern Politics,” By Fred Inglis, and “The First Casualty: The War Correspondent as Hero and Myth-Maker From the Crimea to Kosovo

LA Times Book Review, June 23, 2002

Black Studies Today

The New York Times Education Life, April 14, 2002

Sounding Off,” a review of Richard Posner’s “Public Intellectuals”

The Washington Post Book World, January 20, 2002

Between Generations: A Conversation with Morris Dickstein

Minnesota Review, #55-56 (2002)

Memories in Transit, On the Nostalgia Train

New York Times, June 29, 2001

A review of Carol Polsgrove’s “Divided Minds”
The Fire Last Time

The New York Times Book Review, June 24, 2001

Is Honor Up for Grabs?

The Washington Post, May 27, 2001

Review of Marjorie Garber's "Academic Instincts"

The Nation, May 21, 2001

You Say You Want an E-Book Revolution?

Time Digital, December, 2000

Hoping Web Success Strikes Twice: Denis Dutton's Cybereditions

The New York Times, November 11, 2000

New Media May Be Old Media’s Savior

Columbia Journalism Review, July/August, 2000

A Profile of Utah Governor Mike Leavitt
Utah's natural beauty isn't the only incentive for companies to locate in Gov. Mike Leavitt's state. A Mormon workforce is the other draw.

The Industry Standard, August 14, 2000

England’s Back Waters: Canal Boating on the Avon Ring

Along the canals of Avon, the landscape is the same as it ever was. Take a barge and drift past the Georgian houses of Shrewsbury and Upton, tie up near Shakespeare's mother's house, and step ashore for a cream tea. Just watch out for the goslings

Travel & Leisure, August, 2000

Adam Phillips and the New Freud

The New York Times, June 10, 2000

A Conversation with The Wall Street Journal’s Walter Mossberg

Rolling Stone, May 19, 2000

Review of Francis Stoner Saunders "The Cultural Cold War"

Salon, April 16, 2000

Review of Saul Bellow's "Ravelstein"

Talk, April 2000

Getting Alienated Freudians to Associate

The New York Times, March 25, 2000

Review of Michael Eric Dyson’s “I May Not Get There With You: The True Martin Luther King, Jr.”

The New York Times Book Review, January 23, 2000

Profile of Louise Patterson
The Red and the Black

The New York Times Magazine, January 2, 2000

Review of Richard Laskin’s Partisans: Marriage, Politics and Betrayal Among the New York Intellectuals

The New York Observer, December 20, 1999

Who Needs Philosophy?: A profile of Martha Nussbaum

The New York Times Magazine, November 21, 1999

The Birth of an Idea: A profile of Frank Sulloway
What do great leaders have in common? What about revolutionaries? After a quarter century of research, Frank Sulloway has discovered a very simple factor that may explain history.

The New Yorker, October 7, 1999

Comeback Department
The season's literary "It" boy is two hundred and sixteen years old

The New Yorker Sept. 27, 1999, Talk of the Town

A Clean-plate club for the intrepid

The New Yorker, July 26, 1999

Review of Tony Hiss’s “The View from Alger’s Window: A Son’s Memoir

The New York Observer, June 7, 1999

Review of Jonathan Weiner’s “Time, Love, Memory: A Great Biologist and His Quest for the Origins of Behavior

Newsday, May 2, 1999

Thinking the Unthinkable: A profile of Niall Ferguson
A young historian proposes the the Great War was England's fault.

The New Yorker, April 12, 1999

Review of Norman Podhoretz’s “Ex-Friends: Falling Out with Allen Ginsberg, Lionel and Diana Trilling, Lillian Hellman, Hannah Arendt, and Norman Mailer”

The New York Observer, February 15, 1999

Who was the real Sybil?

The New Yorker, January 4, 1999

Powder Burn: Eco-Terrorism at Vail

Outside Magazine, January 1999

Enjoy Your Zizek: A profile of Slavoj Zizek

Lingua Franca, October 1998

Review of Ron Rosenbaum’s “Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil”

Newsday, July 19, 1998

Review of Sylvia Nasar’s “A Beautiful Mind”

Newsday, June 14, 1998

Review of Richard Rorty’s “Achieving Our Country: Leftist Thought in Twentieth-Century America”

The Los Angeles Times Book Review, April 12, 1998

The Hollywood Way: A profile of Michael Lynton
Michael Lynton has a plan to make people buy more books.

The New Yorker, March 30, 1998

The Two Tonys: A profile of LSE’s Anthony Giddens

The New Yorker, October 6, 1997

Review of Jim Sleeper’s “Liberal Racism”

The New York Times Book Review, August 17, 1997

Review of Saul Bellow’s “The Actual” and Harriet Wasserman’s “Handsome Is: Adventures With Saul Bellow”

Newsday, May 25, 1997

The Lives of Robert Hughes
He’s the world’s most famous art critic, the potential of Václav Havel of Down Under, and a man ready to trace his own gunpowder trails.

The New Yorker, May 12, 1997

Review of Don Snyder’s “The Cliff Walk: A Memoir of a Job Lost and a Life Found”

Newsday, April 27, 1997

Review of Jane Kramer’s “The Politics of Memory”

Newsday, December 26, 1996

God and Harvard: A profile of Rev. Peter Gomes
Harvard's Peter Gomes is a conservative clergyman who says that the religious right is wrong. And the Bible is his evidence.

The New Yorker, November 11, 1996

The Bernaliad
Martin Bernal's Long Journey to Ithaca

Lingua Franca, November, 1996

Sue Mingus and Revenge Records

The New York Times Magazine, October 27, 1996

Literary Criticism and the Sensitive Guy
A review of Alfred Kazin's A Lifetime Burning in Every Moment

The New York Observer, May 27, 1996

A Lefty Reunion

The New Yorker, May 13, 1996

The Professor of Connection: A profile of Stanley Crouch
Few cultural critics have a vision as eclectic and intriguing as Stanley Crouch's. Fewer still actually fight to prove their points.

The New Yorker, November 6, 1995

Review of Jeffrey Meyers’ “Edmund Wilson: A Biography"

The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 4, 1995

Cross-dressing 101
Camille Paglia says Harvard’s Marjorie Garber symbolizes everything wrong with academia.

Boston Magazine, June, 1995

Loury's Exodus: A profile of Glenn Loury
Glenn Loury was an intellectual hero of the Reagan right until his double life brought him down. Now he's returning to the policy fray-with a new creed.

The New Yorker, May 1, 1995

The Routledge Revolution: Has Academic Publishing Gone Tabloid?

The rise of the academic left's in-house publisher

Lingua Franca, April 1995

The New Intellectuals

The Atlantic Monthly, March 1995

Review of Jerry Allen Potter and Fred Bost's "Fatal Justice: Reinvestigating the MacDonald Murders"

Newsday, February 12, 1995

Review of Ron Powers’ “The Cruel Radiance: Notes of a Prosewriter in a Visual Age”

Newsday, January 19, 1995

Review of Randall Rothenberg’s “Where the Suckers Moon: An Advertising Story”

Newsday, December 11, 1994

Till Press Do Us Part: The Trial of Janet Malcolm and Jeffrey Masson
Janet Malcolm's Journalistic Relationship With Analyst Jeffrey Masson Seemed as Intimate as Romance. No Wonder Their Recent Libel Trial Felt Like a Divorce.

The Village Voice, November 28, 1994

Review of John Edgar Wideman’s “Fatheralong: A Meditation on Fathers and Sons, Race and Society"

Newsday, October 23, 1994

Professor Derrick Bell: The Sage of Black Rage

The New York Observer, October 10, 1994

Review of Henry Louis Gates’ “Colored People: A Memoir”

The Chicago Tribune, July 17, 1994

Review of Erik Larson’s “Lethal Passage: How the Travels of a Single Handgun Expose the Roots of America’s Gun Crisis

Newsday, March 13, 1994

Review of Mel Watkins' "On The Real Side"

The Chicago Tribune, March 6, 1994

Review of Stephen Carter’s “The Culture of Disbelief: How American Law and Politics Trivialize Religious Devotion

Newsday, September 5, 1993 (front page)

Malcolm's Uncalled Witness
A Profile of Peter Swales

The New York Observer, May 24, 1993

Review of Cornel West's "Race Matters"

Newsday, April 25, 1993

Review of Paul Wilkes' Temptations and Jeanine Hathaway's Motherhouse

Newsday, February 7, 1993

Who's Afraid of Janet Malcolm?

Mirabella, November 1992

Profile of Jessica Mitford
Birth of a Nation

Newsday, December 13, 1992

Philosophy in the Woods

The Village Voice, September 17, 1991

Princeton's Public Intellectual
A profile of Cornel West

The New York Times Magazine, September 15, 1991

Review of Robert B. Westbrook's "John Dewey and American Democracy"

Newsday, August 6, 1991

The Burden of Profit
A Profile of Jonathan Galassi

Manhattan, inc., September 1990

Dr. Success
A new breed of psychologists is teaching how to be a winner on Wall Street

Manhattan, inc. , August 1989

A conversation with Jonathan Schell

People's power vs. nuclear power